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Winners Selected For ArtPrize 2014

Posted On October 13, 2014

(Grand Rapids, MI) -- Anila Agha is the top winner at ArtPrize 2014 in Grand Rapids, taking the public vote grand prize and sharing the juried grand prize with Sonya Clark. The Indianapolis artist entered a piece called "Intersections," which was a six-and-a-half foot square cube with patterns and a single light bulb in the…

Olson: Constitution Protects Individuals Over Majority

Posted On October 12, 2014

(Washington, DC) -- The attorney who led the legal battle that ended Virginia's ban on gay marriage hopes the U.S. Supreme Court has brought a close to debate on the topic. On "Fox News Sunday," Ted Olson dismissed opponents, saying the Constitution protects individual rights over majority opinion.   On the same program, the head…

Pendleton Teen Arrested After Deadly Crash

Posted On October 10, 2014

(Pendleton, IN) -- A Pendleton teen is out on ten-thousand dollars bond after a crash killing a motorcyclist. Darious McGhee faces a preliminary charge of OWI causing death and with a controlled substance. Police say he was driving a Chevy Malibu that was rear ended and swerved into oncoming traffic. Lloyd Gillespie was killed when…

Customer Service Robot Available At Airport

Posted On October 10, 2014

(Indianapolis, IN) -- The Indianapolis International Airport has a new employee that's literally programmed to served. The robot is an interactive machine that lets travelers talk to and receive answers from a customer service employee. The robot doesn't have a name yet. A contest is being held among employees.

Superior Court Judge Election Process Ruled Unconstitutional

Posted On October 10, 2014

(Indianapolis, IN) -- Marion County's system of electing Superior Court judges is unconstitutional. That's according to U.S. District Judge Richard Young, who ruled Thursday that it "severely burdens the right to vote." The statute requires Democrats and Republicans to nominate candidates for the exact number of judicial seats to be filled, meaning those who are…