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Muncie Doctor Linked To 8 Fatal Overdoses

Posted On October 22, 2014

(Muncie, IN) -- The state attorney general is looking to revoke the license of a Muncie doctor linked to several patient deaths from drug overdose. Fox 59 News reports eight patients known to receive prescriptions from Doctor William Hendrick died from overdoses. Authorities raided his office this week following an investigation into the type and…

State Says David Bisard Received A Fair Trial

Posted On October 22, 2014

(Indianapolis, IN) -- The Indiana Attorney General's Office says former IMPD Officer David Bisard received a fair trial and his conviction should not be overturned. The state responded Tuesday to an appeal filed in July by Bisard, who believes a number of errors occurred during his trial. Bisard was found guilty last year of driving…

Vann Had Violent History Before 7 Killings

Posted On October 22, 2014

(Gary, IN) -- Darren Vann has a history of violence prior to his alleged murder of seven women. Texas court records show Vann was sentenced to a year in prison ten years ago for dousing a woman with gas and threatening to set her on fire. Five years later, he was convicted of rape. Vann…

School Bus Fees Case Heads To Supreme Court

Posted On October 22, 2014

(Indianapolis, IN) -- The Indiana Supreme Court is set to hear a case over whether public schools can charge students to ride the bus. An appeals court ruling last summer decided school bus fees violated the state constitution. The ruling cited a state requirement for school corporations to provide transportation as part of a free…

Indiana’s Ebola Hotline Open For Business

Posted On October 22, 2014

(Indianapolis, IN) -- The Indiana State Department of Health's Ebola call center is open for business. Doctor Joan Duwve with the department says the hotline got about 40 phone calls yesterday from both the public and healthcare providers.   It's not just people in Indiana calling for answers. Doctor Duwve says they received calls Tuesday…