Indiana News

Amendments To Sunday Alcohol Bill Shut Down

Posted On February 20, 2015

(Indianapolis, IN) -- Legislation surrounding Sunday alcohol sales in Indiana is moving on, but some amendments to change the bill are not. The changes were defeated by just two votes on the House floor yesterday. The big restriction that was shut down would've forced grocery stores to move liquor products behind the counter at all…

Colts’ Grigson Addresses “Deflategate”

Posted On February 20, 2015

(Indianapolis, IN) -- The Colts are talking once again about "Deflategate." General Manager Ryan Grigson took the podium yesterday at the NFL Scouting Combine at Lucas Oil Stadium and says they notified the league about the Patriots possibly deflating footballs prior to the AFC Championship Game. The NFL has revealed no information about the incident,…

Browns GM Farmer Apologizes For Texts

Posted On February 19, 2015

(Indianapolis, IN) -- Cleveland Browns general manager Ray Farmer is taking full responsibility breaking NFL rules by text messaging the sidelines during a game this past season.   Farmer spoke publicly at the NFL Combine Thursday in Indianapolis for the first time since becoming the subject of a league investigation. The NFL interviewed the GM…

Carmel Mayor Defends Deleting Facebook Comments

Posted On February 19, 2015

(Carmel, IN) -- The mayor of Carmel is responding to complaints that he deleted comments from his campaign page on Facebook. Mayor Brainard told the "Indianapolis Star" he wants the page to focus on his vision for Carmel and his success stories. This isn't the first time a Hoosier politician has been called out on…

Abortion Bill Advances In State Senate

Posted On February 19, 2015

(Indianapolis, IN) -- A controversial abortion bill is advancing in the state legislature. Senate Bill 334 would ban abortions sought only because of a baby's gender, or because of a developmental disability. It passed the Senate health committee yesterday on a seven-four vote. The bill's been altered to eliminate the possibility of doctors who still…