Kentucky News

Poll: Kentucky Voters Support Minimum Wage Hike

Posted On September 01, 2014

(Lexington, KY) -- A majority of Kentuckians support raising the federal minimum wage. According to a new Bluegrass Poll, 55-percent of voters are in favor of increasing it to ten-dollars-and-ten-cents per hour. The results, however, reflect a six-percent decrease in support from February when 61-percent said they supported putting more money in workers' pockets.

Kentucky Men’s Hoops Team Adds Analytics Staff Position

Posted On August 29, 2014

(Lexington, KY) -- The University of Kentucky men's basketball team is getting things down to a science. The team has created a new director of analytics position. Joel Justus will be the point man for breaking down the elements of the game. He will analyze player and team performance, using statistics and data to help…

McConnell Aide Getting Spotlight In Iowa Bribery Case

Posted On August 29, 2014

(Washington, DC) -- Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell's campaign manager and a one-time campaign consultant are surfacing as figures in a probe involving an Iowa lawmaker. Former Republican Iowa State Senator Kent Sorenson this week pleaded guilty to charges related changing his endorsement in the 2012 presidential contest after being paid off. Sorenson pleaded guilty…

Louisville Pork Processing Plant Hit With Violations

Posted On August 29, 2014

(Louisville, KY) -- The JBS Swift pork processing plant in Louisville is awash in humane slaughter violations. The plant is now working out concerns about worker safety and humane treatment of the animals. At the same time, JBS is dealing with neighborhood complaints about smells coming from the plant. Twice in the past nine months…

State Fair Attendance Watered Down

Posted On August 29, 2014

(Louisville, KY) -- Kentucky State Fair attendance is taking a big hit from Mother Nature. Fair officials said today that with heavy rain coming down on a number of signature days, attendance slid to its lowest level in 30 years. Attendance at the fair which wrapped up last Sunday was just over the 515-thousand, 900…