Kentucky News

Court To Hear Same-Sex Marriage Cases

Posted On July 17, 2014

(Frankfort, KY) -- A court is going to review same-sex marriage cases in Kentucky. U.S. District Court Judge John G. Heyburn the Second ordered the state to recognize the unions, and later changed his mind and banned the marriages. The U.S. Sixth Court of Appeals will hear arguments in both Kentucky cases on August 6th.

Changes To WKU Health Plan

Posted On July 17, 2014

(Bowling Green, KY) -- Employees at Western Kentucky University are going to see changes to the health plan. Anyone enrolling from November 3rd through 21st will be choosing new options. Human Resources Assistant Director Kari Aikins said, quote, "This is not a doom and gloom scenario, but you do need to play a part in…

Two People Shot In Lexington

Posted On July 17, 2014

(Lexington, KY) -- A man and a woman are being treated at UK Hospital for gunshot wounds. Police responded to an apartment in Lexington yesterday and found a man and a woman had been shot. Witnesses report two men ran to a maroon colored SUV driven by a woman right after the shootings.

Governor Beshear Closes Budget Shortfall

Posted On July 17, 2014

(Frankfort, KY) -- Governor Steve Beshear is using available cash from throughout the state government to plug a nearly 91-million-dollar budget shortfall. The balancing plan includes taking 21-million-dollars from the Rainy Day Fund, 15-million from unspent General Fund appropriations and 50-million from various state agencies that produced more revenue than projected. Money will also be…

Four Wanted For Double Shooting In Lexington

Posted On July 17, 2014

(Lexington, KY) -- Lexington police are looking for several people possibly involved in a double shooting. Investigators say a man and woman were shot Wednesday inside an apartment on Coburn Boulevard, critically injuring one of them. According to the "Herald-Leader," at least 12 people have been injured by gunfire in a dozen shootings since June…