Kentucky News

Sen. Paul: Leaving Troops Behind Might Not Have Helped

Posted On September 11, 2014

(Undated) -- Kentucky Senator Rand Paul says leaving troops in Iraq might not have stopped ISIS. Paul says the U.S. needs assistance from Islamic nations in the region for any long-term victory over terrorism. Senator Paul says he thinks it was important for President Obama to mention that ISIS is not true Islam during the…

Knox County Police And Nurses Exposed To Disease

Posted On September 11, 2014

(Barbourville, KY) -- Tiffany Myers is accused of intentionally exposing people to Hepatitis C in Knox County. She pulled an I-V from her arm at Knox County Hospital in Barbourville, causing blood to hit a nurse. Myers then allegedly began spitting on the medical staff and police trying to restrain her. She is booked on…

Fayette County’s Crowded Classrooms Inadequate

Posted On September 11, 2014

(Lexington, KY) -- Fayette County classrooms are not up to par when it comes to adequate seating. The distressing situation is creating a need for new schools and redistricting. Five high schools and four middle schools are overcrowded as well as eleven of 35 elementary schools. A public meeting is being held by the redistricting…

Best States To Have A Baby

Posted On September 11, 2014

(Frankfort, KY) -- Kentucky is ranked 14th overall among 50 states for having a baby. The website WalletHub.com bases the ranking on several factors such as budget considerations and healthcare conditions. Vermont is the best state to have a bundle of joy, and Alabama is the worst.

BBB Warns Of Utility Scam

Posted On September 11, 2014

(Bardstown, KY) -- Triple-B is warning people in Bardstown of a utility scam. Scammers posing as workers at Louisville Gas & Electric are calling customers to say their service will be cut if they fail to pay an overdue bill. Utility officials say they never call regarding credit or debit card data or personal information.