Kentucky News

Not Guilty Plea In 1971 Murder

Posted On October 09, 2014

(Louisville, KY) -- A California man accused of killing a Louisville infant in 1971 will remain in jail as he awaits trial. Lawrence Beck pleaded not guilty yesterday to a murder charge in the death of one-year-old Michael Sanders. Beck was dating the baby's mother when the child was killed.

Cities Receiving Homeland Security Funds

Posted On October 09, 2014

(Owensboro, KY) -- The Homeland Security Department is giving money to Owensboro. More than two-million dollars is being distributed to counties and cities across the state. The money will be used to improve communications and investigative equipment.

Controversy Over Transgender Student

Posted On October 09, 2014

(Owenton, KY) -- A transgender child is creating controversy at Owen County Elementary School in Owenton. Nicki Sullivan said her seven-year-old child was born a boy but always identified as a girl. The school has provided a unisex restroom and protection against bullies for Ella. Some parents intend to take their kids from the same…

Drone Used To Examine Tornado Damage

Posted On October 09, 2014

(Scott County, KY) -- The National Weather Service is using a drone to check tornado damage in Scott County. Some houses are missing porches and roofs torn off by savage winds. Power has been restored from downed lines during the storm on Tuesday. The drone allows investigators to see the entire path of the twister.

Governor Seeks To Attract High-Tech Businesses

Posted On October 09, 2014

(Frankfort, KY) -- Governor Beshear is providing funds to attract technology-based businesses to the state. He has awarded five-million dollars to support companies willing to move to the Bluegrass State. The innovative businesses are developing devices to treat heart disease in babies and other ways to detect cancers.