Kentucky News

Alleged I-75 Gunman’s Bond Revoked

Posted On October 28, 2014

(Lebanon, OH) -- The Kentucky man who police say killed his ex-girlfriend on I-75 will have no chance of getting out of jail before his trial. A Warren County judge revoked Terry Froman's one-million-dollar bond yesterday after he pleaded not guilty to aggravated murder, kidnapping and weapons charges. Froman could face the death penalty for…

Kentucky State Police Cracking Down On Copper Thefts

Posted On October 28, 2014

(Frankfort, KY) -- Kentucky State Police are cracking down on copper thefts along the state's highways and interstates. A 25-hundred-dollar reward is being offered for information leading to an arrest. There have been more than 35 copper wire thefts so far this year. Officials say the cost of repairing the vandalized lights takes money away…

Former Lexington Mayor Improving From Bacterial Infection

Posted On October 28, 2014

(Lexington, KY) -- Former Lexington mayor Foster Pettit continues to improve from a life-threatening bacterial infection. Family members say the 84-year-old is still on a ventilator and feeding tube, but opened his eyes on Monday and responded to commands for the first time since he was hospitalized over a week ago. Pettit was fishing in…

Amish Teen Killed In Buggy Accident

Posted On October 27, 2014

(Bowling Green, KY) -- An Amish teen is dead after a buggy accident in Christian County. Authorities there told reporters that four girls were riding along the shoulder of the road when their horse was spooked. The animal ended up running into traffic, and the buggy was hit by a car. Fourteen-year-old Judith Martin was…

Louisville Jewish Hospital Faces Ebola Scare

Posted On October 27, 2014

(Louisville, KY) -- A patient at Jewish Hospital in Louisville sparks an Ebola scare. Hospital officials say the man arrived yesterday with symptoms consistent with the virus, causing the hospital to close its emergency room. The patient was eventually cleared of the disease.