Kentucky News

Award For Air National Guard Unit

Posted On July 14, 2014

(Frankfort, KY) -- The Kentucky Air National Guard is one of the best in the military. The 123rd Airlift Wing received the Air Force Outstanding Unit Award for the 16th time. Major General Ed Tonnini said, quote, "It is not only the best flying tactical airlift unit in the entire nation, but the most diverse…

Legend Honored At Fort Campbell

Posted On July 14, 2014

(Fort Campbell, KY) -- A building dedicated at Fort Campbell is honoring a Medal of Honor winner. The Major Drew Dennis Dix Special Operations Complex has now been unveiled. The retired major attended the weekend ceremony as a plaque was dedicated. Dix said the training he received gave him the confidence to do what he…

McConnell’s Solution To Immigration Crisis

Posted On July 14, 2014

(Frankfort, KY) -- Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell is suggesting a solution to dealing with unaccompanied children crossing the U.S. border. The Republican Senate Minority Leader says to send them back. McConnell criticized President Obama's plan of nearly four-billion dollars for emergency funds because that will only keep the children in the U.S. a long time.

Man Bitten By Copperhead Snake

Posted On July 14, 2014

(Berea, KY) -- A man is recovering from an attack by a copperhead snake in Berea. Someone at Berea Area Hospital told him they had no antidote so he tried to drive to UK Hospital. He became sick and caused several accidents on I-75. The unidentified man was later picked up by an ambulance along…

Lexington Police Search For Gunman

Posted On July 14, 2014

(Lexington, KY) -- Lexington police are searching for Kirby Caldwell. He is accused of trying to run down two officers who responded to a man firing a gun. It happened overnight outside the Art Bar on Euclid Avenue. Tavern owner Christopher Stanley said, quote, "We definitely need to keep the violence to a minimum."