Scammers May Have Targeted Multiple Convenience Stores

Posted On July 30, 2014

By Mike Perleberg


Police need to identify two suspects in recent attempts to scam convenience store employees. Photo by Kentucky State Police.

(Dry Ridge, Ky.) – A scammer who targeted a gas station in Greendale earlier this week may have tried to pull a similar ploy at convenience stores in northern Kentucky.

Kentucky State Police say they investigated five known instances of attempted theft from convenience stores and gas stations on Saturday, July 26. Three attempts were in Carroll County, one in Trimble County, and another in Owen County.

According to troopers, in each instance an unknown male either called or entered the store in person requesting information from the clerks about the store’s owners or managers.

Then sometime later, an unknown male calls the store posing as either the store owner or a district manager. The caller explains that an employee has been stealing money from the store.  The caller instructs the clerk to place all the cash from the store’s safes and registers in a money bag and give it to a person coming into the store to pick it up or to bring the money to the parking lot and a person will take the money bag.

The method sounds very similar to a scam that took the Ameristop on U.S. 50 in Greendale for more than $4,700 on Monday.

Investigators are trying to identify two suspects, one of whom met a similar description to the alleged Greendale thief. He is a white male, approximately 30-years-old, about 6’0”, with short black or dark brown hair, brown goatee and mustache. In one Kentucky appearance, the suspect wore a black t-shirt, black and gray camo shorts, a silver necklace, and black gym shoes.

The second suspect is also a white male. He is believed to be in his mid-20s, approximately 5’10”, with short brown hair, a brown mustache and goatee, and an unknown tattoo on his right arm. The man wore a red Cincinnati Reds cap, blue t-shirt, blue jean shorts, and red and white shoes.

Carroll County witnesses said the perpetrators may have been in a blue minivan, unknown make and model.  They reported seeing a white female in the vehicle with bright pink hair.

Anybody with information that can help identify the suspects is asked to call Kentucky State Police Post 5 at (502) 532-6363. Information relating to the Greendale scam can be give to Greendale Police Department by calling (812) 537-1321.

Kentucky State Police said the thieves have made no threat of violence.


Scammer Claims To Be Owner, Takes Business For $4,700