15 Killed At Indiana Railroad Crossings

Posted On June 05, 2014

railroad-tracks.jpg(Undated) – Nearly 50 people were injured or killed at railroad crossings in Indiana last year and now Amtrak is jumping on board with a campaign to help save lives.

Barbara Petito says there’s no question that people will be injured – or worse – if they’re hit by a train.

“You’re putting a 140 pound person up against a several hundred ton locomotive. Obviously, it’s no contest. It’s pretty clear who’s going to win,” she says.”

Fifteen people in Indiana were killed at the crossings last year, another 34 were injured.

Operation Lifesaver has a “See Tracks, Think Train” campaign that reminds people to think twice when they approach a railroad crossing. Whether you’re walking or driving, you should always remember to yield at tracks, especially if there’s no crossing arm. And most importantly, never try to walk or drive around the crossing arm when it’s down.

“Respect the train,” Petito advises.

The campaign also recommends that people do not walk on or along railroad tracks. Petito says the tracks are railroad property and walking near them could constitute trespassing.


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several crossings in Dearborn county have no warning lights, gates or anything and they just increased the speed they can travel at least put up some lights. they will only do this after someone gets killed and gets a lawyer.

Jerry Weicheld
Jerry Weicheld

How many people have been killed on the 275 Bridge going into Kentucky? I can think of several and I know there are some I do not hear about. How about flashing lights where you can hit a button and turn them on when broke down or a wreck. There is no where to go if you break down. Your car will get hit. I have told my Family and friends if you break down to get off that bridge as fast as possible and to always look for broken down Cars or wrecks when driving on that very dangerous Bridge.