194 Arrests Or Citations At Indy 500 Festivities

Posted On May 30, 2017

By Mike Perleberg

Photo provided.

(Indianapolis, Ind.) – The number of arrests isn’t all that bad considering more than 300,000 people attended events at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway this past weekend.

Officers cited or arrested 194 people during Indianapolis 500 festivities from Friday through Sunday.

Indiana State Excise Police – the state agency that focuses mainly on enforcing alcohol- and tobacco-related laws – say officers issued 149 summonses for illegal possession or consumption of an alcoholic beverage. Other preliminary charges included possession of false identification, furnishing beverages to a minor, and 48 drug-related charges.

In total 139 minors, 40 adults and 15 juveniles were cited for 245 charges.

Excise police superintendent Matt Strittmatter said the agency’s objective during the Indianapolis 500 weekend is to help to ensure that everyone attending has a safe environment in which to enjoy the festivities.

“However, we often encounter those who unlawfully consume alcohol, unlawfully provide it to underage persons, and over consume causing disruption to those abiding by the law. Additionally, we discovered and arrested those who were using illegal substances. The combination of alcohol and other intoxicating substances often bring out the worst behavior in people, which can compromise the safety of race fans,” said Strittmatter.

Last year, excise police arrested or cited 188 people on a total of 263 charges.