Lawrenceburg Family Has Car Destroyed By Fallen Tree

Posted On February 29, 2016

By Travis Thayer


A gust of wind and a large tree has left a Lawrenceburg family without a vehicle. Photo submitted by Jaida Robinson.

(Lawrenceburg, Ind.) – A freak accident has left a Lawrenceburg family without a vehicle.

A gust of wind apparently knocked over a tree early Monday morning, which landed on a 2002 PT Cruiser that was parked on High Street in Lawrenceburg.

The car’s owner Jaida Robinson says it still hasn’t hit her that her vehicle is completely destroyed.

“We’re so dumbfounded about what happened. It was our life line, we work all the time,” said Robinson.

According to Robinson, she only had liability on the vehicle, which doesn’t cover this type of accident, and the landlord’s insurance won’t cover it because the tree was still alive.

Robinson and her significant other have no means of transportation to get work and other important events. She hopes a GoFundMe page will help with a down payment for a car.

To make a donation and to read more about Robinson’s story, visit her GoFundMe page.