“Sock Hat Bandit” Sentenced To 10 Years

Posted On March 04, 2016

By Mike Perleberg


Brian Parnell, also known as the “Sock Hat Bandit”, was sentenced in federal court on Thursday, March 3. Photo by Kenton County Sheriff’s Office.

(Covington, Ky.) – The so-called “Sock Hat Bandit” is going to serve a decade in prison after taking a plea deal.

Brian Parnell, of Dayton, Ohio, pleaded guilty Thursday in federal court to eleven bank robbery charges.

Parnell admitted to holding up eleven banks in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana before his arrest last June. One of the burglaries happened last April at the U.S. Bank in Hebron. He got his nickname from FBI agents for his habit of wearing sock hats during the holdups.

Parnell’s crime spree was put to an end by Covington Police after he failed to elude officers following a robbery last June. The FBI then connected him to 10 other incidents in three states.

A federal judge has ordered Parnell to serve 10 years in prison. He must also serve three years on supervised release once he is released from prison.

Parnell’s case was handled in federal court in Covington.


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