Lawrenceburg Business: No, We Didn’t Receive A City Loan

Posted On March 04, 2016

By Mike Perleberg


This photo included in Fox 19’s report on City of Lawrenceburg business loans has caused problems for Lohmiller Real Estate, whose owner says the business never received a loan. Photo via Fox19.com.

(Lawrenceburg, Ind.) – A Lawrenceburg business says it has wrongly been caught up in the issue of loans made to private businesses by the City of Lawrenceburg.

Andrew Lohmiller is the founder and president of Lohmiller Real Estate. A photo of his real estate office on High Street was shown in the website report at Fox 19.com, leading some to jump to the conclusion that Lohmiller’s business received a loan from the city.

Lohmiller says that his business never received a loan, however, the owner of the building where he rents the office space has.

“I can’t tell you how many calls I’ve taken asking if I ever got a loan,” Lohmiller told Eagle Country 99.3.

Lohmiller says after some phone calls and Facebook messages, Fox 19 updated the photo’s caption. It now reads “Peter Zaharakos (Sparta, LLC) Loan: $100,040 Payoff Due: April 1, 2013 Address: Walnut Street ***Business pictured is a tenant, not the borrower***”.

Fox 19’s report focused on the status of some of the $16 million encompassed in 17 loans the city has made to private businesses since 2006. Lawrenceburg Mayor Kelly Mollaun says his two-month-old administration is working on a plan to recoup the owed money.

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