Senator Donnelly To GOP: “Common Sense” To Consider Supreme Court Nominee

Posted On March 04, 2016

By Mike Perleberg


Indiana Senator Joe Donnelly (D)

(Washington, D.C.) – Indiana U.S. Senator Joe Donnelly, a Democrat, is admonishing Republican senators who won’t consider any U.S. Supreme Court nominee.

Senate Republican leaders argue that President Obama shouldn’t nominate a justice to replace the late Antonin Scalia during his last year in office.

Donnelly spoke on the Senate floor Thursday. He called on the Senate to do its job and give full and fair consideration to whomever the President nominates.

“Senators, using our best judgement, are free to ultimately reject whomever the President nominates, but to refuse to hold a hearing, to refuse to consider any candidate…before the President has even chosen a nominee is a dereliction of duty, of our most basic duty to faithfully serve our country,”

Donnelly said that “common sense tells you that’s not right” and hopes GOP senators will reconsider their position.

Presidential spokesman Josh Earnest said Thursday the White House has reached out to every member of the Senate on the pending Supreme Court nomination.