25 Charged In Two-State Meth Investigation

Posted On February 18, 2014

By Mike Perleberg

meth-bust-small.jpg(Lawrenceburg, Ind.) – A long investigation crossing the Indiana-Ohio state line resulted in more than two dozen people being charged with conspiracy to deal methamphetamine.

The filing of charges against 25 people Monday and the ensuing arrest of 18 of those suspects is the culmination of a lengthy investigation by the Dearborn-Ohio County Special Crimes Unit.

According to a news release from the Dearborn-Ohio County Prosecutor’s Office, information was received from the Switzerland County Sheriff’s Department in early January concerning several individuals who we alleged to be involved in manufacturing methamphetamine in the area.

Detectives with the Special Crimes Unit, Dearborn County Sheriff’s Department, Rising Sun Police Department, and Indiana State Police began an investigation which led to the identification of more suspects. They also learned that a large network of individuals was working together to obtain pseudoephedrine, a key ingredient in cooking meth. The ring leaders, the prosecutor’s office says, were in Ohio County.

Those leaders were connected to a drug operation in Butler County, Ohio. Last Wednesday, February 12, the crimes unit accompanied the Butler County Undercover Regional Narcotics Team in carrying out a search warrant at a home on Morning Sun Road in Oxford, Ohio. There, investigators found a large methamphetamine manufacturing operation. Several more suspects were arrested. According to the news release, information obtained as a result of that search warrant connected local suspects to the operation in Butler County.

Special Crimes Unit Chief of Investigations Tom McKay said the investigation was complicated and time consuming.

“Detectives spent numerous hours observing locations and individuals in freezing conditions and at all hours of the day and night to accumulate the information necessary to complete the investigation and see that those involved in the conspiracy to produce this poison were arrested. They should all be commended for their dedication to protect the citizens of our area,” he said.

McKay credited Butler County Sheriff Richard K. Jones and his office’s BURN Team with helping bring the investigation to a successful close. Aurora, Lawrenceburg, Switzerland County also assisted with the arrest round-up.

The 25 people charged in Indiana with Conspiracy to Commit Dealing (Manufacturing in methamphetamine (Class A felony) include:

Sam J. Spicer, 43

Lisa Fay Ellis, 34, of Rising Sun

Steven Rae Turner, 20, of Patriot

Kenneth J. Clifton, 35, of Aurora

Mary E. Stephenson, 39, of Aurora

Perry B. Harding, 41, of Rising Sun

Andrew T. Hummel, 26, of Aurora

Dionne J. House, 28, of Aurora

Dustin W, House, 28

Thierrin D. Bowling, 25

Jeremy M. Couch, 34, of Aurora

Jeffery Couch, 39

Crystal Flores, 35, of Aurora

Lee Clark, 48, of Aurora

Whitney VanSickle, 25

Jaydn Groover, 18, of Patriot

Krissie Hill, 33, of Aurora

Calvin W. Thomas, 42, of Vevay

Angela Tharp, 36

Delmer J. Walker, 23

Rebecca J. Quinn, 27, of Lawrenceburg

Terry L. Woodruff, 37

Mark R. Wolker, 50, of Lawrenceburg

Terri L. Deaton, 27

Vernis A. Newton, 29


Meth is rough.

I feel bad for anyone stuck in the addiction cycle of this drug.

There's no benefit from meth.


And to the comment about taxpayers business 101 and common sense either pay taxes for treatment and a better chance that they will come out reformed and contribute to our economy by also being productive members of society or pay taxes for them to sit in jail n likely come home n do the same thing lol ur choice either way ur paying taxes n that's not changing i will say it again ppl education education education


First of all let me say that jail in my opinion saves life's... Also addiction is a disease and the drug of choice is irrelevant. The mental aspect remains even when the drugs r no longer a part of the picture and is also there long before the substance whatever it may be is put into the body. Example u can make a cucumber a pickle but can never turn that pickle back to a cucumber. What makes an addict an addict is partially the thought process...an addicts first thought even after years without any drugs or alcohol may be to use when hurt emotionally but a normal persons would not.... That can not be controlled it is a disease of the mind.... I am an addict at some point in my life I crossed a line and believe me when I say that whenever that was I am sure I wasn't thinking man if I do this my thought process is gonna be messed up for life and my first thought will always be to use drugs. I didn't know but either way it happend and I am what I am I can't change that. What I can control is my second thought an my first action ppl do it everyday but sometimes it is hard these ppl if they want help they will find it and I pray to god they do because they deserve it they r mothers fathers brothers sister loved ones of someone and thier past does not have to define them


Wow I am shocked at how ignorant some of these comments are


Until you ACTUALLY know the details, you should think before you speak. I happen to know for a fact that two of the above listed are indeed NOT in jail because they were NEVER even arrested. I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure that blasting there names all over the internet and on the news with false information is grounds for a pretty decent lawsuit.


They get involved with the wrong crowd,start using from peer pressure,find out how much money they can make and how easy it is.They get addicted,endless circle of using,robbing,begging,anything

to get it.I know because 2 of my family members were addicted to it and they told me the cycle

they went through to get where they were.Thank god they have kicked this man made death

juice.It all starts with the parents and how they supervise their kids,or the lack of it.It is not

In anyway comparable to cancer in the fact that cancer cannot be prevented and meth use can.

People choose to use meth,they don't have a choice with cancer.People that use this drug,make

it,sell it need to be in prison if they are not willing to try to get control of their life.Being a drug

addict is a choice not a diseas.Wake up.


Drug addiction is a VERY real problem. I believe that there is a real NEED for treatment centers here in Southeast Indiana. We do not have any. Drug overdose rates are up as well as the drug crime rates. County officials need to address this issue as well. How many people do we have to lose before they can get a handle on it? UNNECESSARY!

indy cowboy
indy cowboy

why did they start in the first place, ?????? jobs galore here or does work offend them




@indy cowboy

many reasons why they start. after they get hooked they need it so they don't get sick. I heard an interview from a mom whose son overdosed. he told her he doesn't use to get high, he uses to feel normal. its a sad thing really. nobody wants to be an addict.


@cedixon1950 You have obviously never had a loved one addicted to drugs.  I pray you never do with your attitude.



you should really think before you say things like that. drug addiction is a real problem that should be treated. like cancer.  if you ask them, I bet every last one would love to be able to stop using.


@cedixon1950 That's the kind of comment that you should keep to yourself. If it were your kid or parent you might think a little differently on how they were dealt with.