$3.6M In L’burg Grants Will Keep People Working

Posted On May 25, 2012

(Lawrenceburg, Ind.) – The City of Lawrenceburg is using its regional grant program to help area businesses keep employees.


On Monday, Lawrenceburg City Council approved $3.59 million for 10 organizations applying to the city’s 10 County Regional Grants for Industries Program.


The program aims to assist in economic development in southeast Indiana. Applications are reviewed by the a committee, which makes a recommendation prior to council approving the grant amounts.


The largest amount given was $1 million to MGP Ingredients, owner of the Lawrenceburg Distillery, to help retain 70 employees.


Here are the other nine grants and what they will help accomplish:


Windstream Tech in New Albany, $600,000 to retain 32 employees, add 30 more.


Haag Ford in Lawrenceburg, $250,000 to retain current jobs and add nine full-time.


Zimmer Tractor, $500,000 for 20 to 26 projected employees.


Hardintown Water Project, $118,536.25 to address a health issue with water and assist in a potential business expansion.


Proximo Spirits, Inc. (packaging and bottling for Lawrenceburg Distillery), $850,000 to retain 65 employees and another 14 more being hired. Ten more hires in three months.


Dearborn County Economic Development Initiative, $200,000 for marketing the county for job creation.


Walesboro Airport, $25,000 for development of an industrial park at the inactive airport, potential to create 100 jobs.


Indiana Trail Riders, $17,200 for five to six seasonal employees for Versailles State Park.


Town of Hope, Indiana, $35,000.