300 Ton Concrete Slab Moved; See Video

Posted On May 07, 2012

Several tractors line up and prepare to push the 300 ton concrete slab into the Ohio River.


(Rising Sun, Ind.) – A near world record was completed by a local construction company in Rising Sun on Friday.


Maxwell Construction placed a 145 foot long by 45 foot wide, eight inch thick, 300 ton concrete slab at the Rising Sun Public Boat Ramp. The only known larger slab push executed in the world was just slightly longer.


The construction company used several large tractors combining for 1,600 horsepower to push the slab into the Ohio River.


“This method of installation was selected in order to save the time which would ordinarily be required to isolate the area where the ramp would be installed in the river bed and continuously pump out the river water,” said Mark F. Scheper with Maxwell Construction.


The new boat ramp should be open by mid-summer.


See video of the slab push below: