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Posted On January 07, 2014

By Mike Perleberg



Dan Brewington was convicted in 2011 for threatening the Dearborn County judge who oversaw his 2008 divorce and child custody case. His experience is included in the new documentary film “Divorce Corp.”
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(Lawrenceburg, Ind.) – Dan Brewington, the Internet blogger whose divorce and criminal cases in Dearborn County have made national headlines, will have his story told in a new documentary film.


Eagle 99.3 has followed Brewington’s criminal case from the start. Brewington, of Cincinnati, had threatened Dearborn Circuit Court Judge James D. Humphrey in a two-year onslaught of blog postings at Dan’s Adventures in Taking on the Family Courts and www.DanHelpsKids.com.  Humphrey had presided over Brewington’s 2008 divorce and child custody case.


Brewington finished serving a five-year prison sentence in September for his 2011 jury trial convictions on Intimidation of a Judge, Perjury, and Obstruction of Justice.


The film, Divorce Corp., opens in select theaters across the country on Friday, January 10. It will run locally at AMC Newport on the Levee, where Brewington will be part of a question and answer session following the 8:30 p.m. showing.


The 93-minute documentary directed by Joe Sorge and narrated by Dr. Drew Pinsky explores the problems in America’s family court system. One of the examples featured is Brewington’s divorce case and subsequent criminal trial.


According to the film’s synopsis, “Rather than help parents and children move on, as they are mandated to do, these courts – and their associates – drag out cases for years, sometimes decades, ultimately resulting in a rash of social ills, including home foreclosure, bankruptcy, suicide and violence. Solutions to the crisis are sought out in countries where divorce is handled in a more holistic manner.”


More about the documentary can be found at http://www.divorcecorp.com.


After his trial, Brewington quickly appealed his criminal conviction, which was partially upheld by the Indiana Court of Appeals in January 2013. The case is currently being considered by the Indiana Supreme Court.


The blogger’s attorney and other First Amendment advocates have argued that Brewington’s writings were protected free speech. Prosecutors and the Indiana Attorney General’s Office say that the blogs went beyond criticism of Humphrey and others involved in the case, and became threats.