Siekman Announces Run For Ind. 6th District

Posted On January 13, 2014

By Mike Perleberg


Lane Siekman says he'll run for the Democrat nomination for Indiana's 6th District congressional seat in the May 6, 2014 primary election.

Lane Siekman says he’ll run for the Democrat nomination for Indiana’s 6th District congressional seat in the May 6, 2014 primary election.

(Rising Sun, Ind.) – A local attorney says he’s running for U.S. Congress, again.


Lane Siekman, of Rising Sun, has previously run for the U.S. House of Representatives. He announced on Thursday that he’s doing so once again in 2014 in Indiana’s 6th Congressional District, as he will seek the Democrat nomination in the May 6 primary.


“I have spent the past several months talking to civic leaders, party officials, and the voters of the 6th District and people are upset with this Congress and it’s inaction on important issues,” he said in his announcement.


Siekman, 53, bowed out of the primary race in 2012. He endorsed Delaware County’s Brad Bookout, saying the party needed to be united and dedicated to one candidate. Bookout lost the 2012 election to Republican Luke Messer.


Siekman said Messer is part of the problem in Washington.


“I considered entering the race in 2012 but I can no longer stand by and just watch,” Siekman said. “(Messer) pushed for a shutdown of the government last fall and helped to manufacture a crisis over the debt ceiling. In doing so, He risked the financial solvency of this nation.  This taking us to the brink of disaster is just another example of the destructive winning at all costs attitude in our nation’s capitol.  It used to be that these kind of politics stopped the day after the election and our elected representatives went about doing the people’s business. I believe that we can do better.”


In addition to previously considering a congressional run three years ago, Siekman ran for Indiana Senate District 43 in 1990. He is the executive director of the Ohio County Economic Development Corporation and is secretary of the Southeastern Indiana Regional Growth Alliance. He has also served as legal counsel for numerous government board and commissions, including the City of Rising Sun. He has been a past president of the Rising Sun Rotary Club, the Ohio County Historical Society, and the Rising Sun-Ohio County Chamber of Commerce


“I have spent my life working with people and businesses in rural small town Indiana. It’s those same small town values which I hope to take to Washington as your Congressman,” Siekman, a 22-year attorney, said.


In his announcement, Siekman said he has mailed his declaration of candidacy to the Indiana Secretary of State in Indianapolis. He said his campaign staff will be announced shortly.




Siekman Bows Out Of Congressional Race