After Flood, South Dearborn Schools Get A Small Make-Up Day Reprieve

Posted On March 13, 2018

By Mike Perleberg

File photo

(Aurora, Ind.) – South Dearborn Community Schools are being given a pass on making up at least one day of school missed due to last month’s Ohio River flood.

Students at South Dearborn have missed five days due to snow this winter, which is to be expected. But students didn’t go on three other days February 26-28 because of the worst flooding since 1997.

SDCSC Superintendent Dr. John Mehrle told parents and staff Monday that he has been in contact with the Indiana Department of Education about waivers for the flood days. Although the school corporation was not granted an automatic waiver, the state will require South Dearborn to make up only two of the three flood days.

Mehrle said a school corporation is expected to make up the first five instructional days that were cancelled. For every two days missed beyond the first five, the school corporation will be expected to make up only one instructional day.

“In our case we have missed five snow days and three days due to the flooding for a total of eight days. We will need to make up our sixth day. The seventh day will be waived and we will have to make up the eighth day,”

South Dearborn Community Schools will hold classes for the entire first provisional week of spring break, March 19-23, as well as May 25 at the end of the school year. May 29 was scheduled as a make-up day, but no longer due to the two-for-one allowance.

If South Dearborn were to miss one more day this school year, it will count as an additional waived day, Mehrle said.


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