AUDIO: L’burg Mayor Carr Explains “Downtown Action Agenda”

Posted On July 22, 2014

By Mike Perleberg

Walnut Street in downtown Lawrenceburg. file photo

Walnut Street in downtown Lawrenceburg.
file photo

(Lawrenceburg, Ind.) – With an expected influx of visitors and their money thanks to a new event center, Lawrenceburg city leaders are getting help in preparing the downtown historic district to take advantage.

“How many downtowns of cities of 5,000 people got an entertainment center like this? You don’t see it,” Mayor Dennis Carr said.

The first term mayor joined Eagle 99.3 Tuesday to discuss his administration’s in-development Downtown Action Agenda. Carr, his assistant Grant Hughes, city marketing director Kelly Will and others are getting ready for a site visit by consultants with national downtown experts HyettPalma the week of August 11-15.

The site visit will include focus group meetings of city officials, downtown businesses and organizations, and downtown customers.

Carr, who learned of HyettPalma’s work while visiting a mayor’s conference, said he believes the new Lawrenceburg Event Center and Hotel will serve as downtown’s capitol. The project built as a partnership between the city and Hollywood Casino Lawrenceburg is nearing completion. The casino operates the $49 million facility.

“I’ve talked with several mayors who have had HyettPalma in. They’ve done a wonderful job for them,” Carr said.


While many municipalities across the country invest in comprehensive plans that look years or decades down the road, the idea of the Downtown Action Agenda is to identify strategies that can be put into effect on a much sooner scale.

Hughes said the Downtown Action Agenda is a two-pronged approach: defining a vision for downtown and completing a market analysis.

There will be opportunities for public input before the agenda is finalized. A community vision session moderated by HyettPalma representatives will be held Tuesday, August 12 at 7:00-8:30 p.m. in the 4th floor conference room at Ivy Tech Community College’s riverfront campus, 50 Walnut Street.

Residents, business and property owners, civic organizations, and city officials are all welcome to the public meeting.

“We really want the entire community to get involved in this and participate. It’s really a way for anyone that’s related to our community to voice their vision for downtown and really impact its future in a real way,” said Will.

Questions and topics to be discussed at the vision session will be posted soon to the City of Lawrenceburg’s Facebook page, Will said. Those topics relate to a person’s desired image for downtown and what they might like to see take place in the next five years.


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So Mayor Carr thinks the new center wil be the downtowns "capitol". Interesting that a building with casino money attached to it and operated by them would associated with local government. I guess we now know whom the mayor actually works for...


@smartjw I see you comment on about 90% of stories here... not ONCE have I ever witnessed you making anything but negative comments.  You really do not seem to like our community.. You are free to leave at any time 


Voice of Reason? If you can't take the heat, well you know the rest!

I'm a hoosier born, taxpaying, home owning, resident. I have no reason to leave. I question why you and others don't ask the tough questions about what local officials are up to. You must be on the take too, or maybe have a relative that is. Your communty? OUR COMMUNITY


@smartjw  I guess the point I am trying to make is that you always point out the bad and never offer solutions on change.  That is what we need more of, ideas not people just to point out the bad and almost seem happy to do so


@smartjw I am all of those things too, but I choose not to always focus on the negative.  There are plenty of beautiful positive happenings as well


Trying to fight city hall is pointless. These narrow minded yokels never seem to understand the long term effects their actions have on us. I would never let dirty money from the casino dictate what we do in this community. Others it seem, have no problem selling out. If you want a solution offered, I suggest swapping out the mayor and council with people who think about the moral side of their actions and not allowing a casino to run a convention center.