AUDIO: South Dearborn Student Continues Quest To Stop Bullying

Posted On October 11, 2017

By Mike Perleberg

Alyssa Baker joined Bubba Bo on Eagle Country 99.3 Wednesday morning to discuss the second annual Heal, Don’t Hurt walk. Photo by Mike Perleberg, Eagle Country 99.3.

(Aurora, Ind.) – When Alyssa Baker organized the first Heal, Don’t Hurt walk at South Dearborn High School last year, she knew it would be a lot of hard work.

But when it came to empowering and encouraging fellow students to stop bullying, she knew it was worth the effort.

Baker, a sophomore, is now preparing for the second annual walk to take place on Saturday, October 14 from 9:00-1:00 p.m. at the high school track in Aurora.

“I was bullied really pretty severely when I was in elementary school, like all throughout elementary school, and in middle school. I was tired of that. I was tired of being put down all the time, so I decided I was going to take a stand against this and end it,” Baker shared on Eagle Country 99.3 Wednesday morning.


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Since the first walk held in 2016, Baker has started a Heal, Don’t Hurt group at South Dearborn.

Saturday’s walk will include a bake sale by the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. South Dearborn High School’s Student Government will also be there.

Available for purchase are t-shirts and rubber band bracelets with the Heal, Don’t Hurt slogan “Stand Up – Speak Out – Stop Bullying.” Baker and friends will read poems and share their experiences being bullied.

“Then we’ll all walk around, have fun, and talk to everyone,” says Baker.

Funds raised from the Heal, Don’t Hurt Walk will again be donated to the Chris Lytle Foundation. Lytle is an Indianapolis native and former Ultimate Fighter whose non-profit organization raises awareness of autism, suicide, bullying, domestic violence, rape and sexual assault.

Last year, the walk raised about $930 for the foundation. Lytle would later donate $100 to South Dearborn Community School Corporation elementary schools for teachers to award students who perform good deeds with special bracelets.

You can learn more about the Heal, Don’t Hurt Walk at https://www.facebook.com/events/2079465112079401/.


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