AUDIO: Twins’ Mother Extends Thanks To Community, Family

Posted On April 18, 2014

By Mike Perleberg

Brea Spurlock on her wedding day April 5 with her twin daughters, Jocelyn and Shaylyn. provided

Brea Spurlock on her wedding day April 5 with her twin daughters, Jocelyn and Shaylyn.

(Aurora, Ind.) – For any parent to bury their child, it is perhaps the most heartrending and difficult experience to go through.

For Brea and Brad Spurlock, the pain was doubly tough. Their twin two-year-old daughters, Shaylyn and Jocelyn, drowned after sneaking out of their new Dutch Hollow Road home and falling into a water-filled cover on a neighbor’s swimming pool the evening of Tuesday, April 8. They couple had been married just four days earlier.

The identical twins’ mother recalls the happy memories of “Double Trouble.”

“When one girl would get in trouble, the other one would come over and comfort them,” Brea told Eagle 99.3 in a live interview Friday. “When we moved into our new house, they’d run for hours upon hours laughing and screaming around in circles.”

Shaylyn and Jocelyn watched the movie Air Bud, she adds. They loved the water and rocking with their “Nana”, but – like so many two-year-olds – not so much having to wear clothes or shoes. Their favorite song was “What Does the Fox Say?”


Ten days from the worst event of their lives, the little, everyday reminders of the girls are still tough. Seeing their clothing or sippy cups trigger the emotions.

Brea said the couple’s eight-year-old son is adjusting to the loss of his siblings. When he comes home from school, he has no one to chase or play with.

While coping has been difficult, it has made easier on the Spurlocks by the presence of their large, extended family.

Countless hearts in and beyond the Aurora community also bled as word of the drowning spread locally and across the country. Many of those people have extended support in various ways to the Spurlocks.

Aurora Fire Department donated $1,000 to the family from proceeds of their annual fish fry last week. Visitors to the fish dinner donated another $2,500. Aurora-based Jent Construction announced a fundraiser this week.

“I just wanted the community to know who the girls were and how they touched so many people’s lives. I want to thank everyone for helping us through this,” she said, later adding that she felt compelled to thank everyone publicly.

Among those Brea Spurlock expressed thanks to: Aurora Fire Department, Aurora EMS, Dearborn County Sheriff’s Department, Aurora Casket Company, Pam Hartford, Jent Construction, Rullman Hunger Funeral Home, Russell Hobbs, Heather and Bob Bressert, New Horizons Rehabilitation Center, Gilpin Monuments in Versailles, Lowe’s in Western Hills, their friends and family, the community, and anybody else who may offer support in the weeks ahead.

Brea said the money may be put towards establishing a scholarship in honor of Jocelyn and Shaylyn and perhaps used to prevent a similar tragedy.

“We decided that we want to do a pool awareness month to let people get ready with their pools and make sure this doesn’t happen to another family,” she said.

Jason “Jay” and Cheryl Stewart purchased the home with the swimming pool in which the girls drowned last August. In an earlier conversation with Eagle 99.3, Jay said he secured the cover to the pool as the cold months began, but rain had pooled on top of the cover.

He and his wife were in Florida at the time of the incident.

“Our hearts and prayers go out to those little girls,” he said upon returning to Aurora. “If I was home I could have been out in the yard mowing grass or picking up sticks and seen them.”

Jay Stewart said he can’t remember how many lives he’s helped save during a 37-year firefighting career. His wife is a nurse. He doesn’t wish those observing the tragedy to begrudge them.

“Cheryl and I are good-hearted people,” Stewart said. The couple says they’ve received lots of support for how they were affected.

The Stewarts have began disassembling the swimming pool. They will place a marker in remembrance of the girls in its place.

Jocelyn and Shaylyn would have turned three-years-old on May 22.


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