Aurora City Leaders To Determine Chief’s Status

Posted On December 16, 2013

By Mike Perleberg


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Update posted at 11:47 a.m.:


The City of Aurora has issued a notice that the Aurora Board of Works will meet in an executive session on Wednesday, December 18 at 3:00 p.m. at the Aurora City Building. According to the notice, “the purpose of the executive session is to discuss alleged misconduct of an individual employee, over whom the Board of Public Works has authority, and to discuss that individual’s status as an employee.


A public meeting of the Board of Public Works will begin at 3:20 p.m. or immediately following the executive session.  



Original story posted at 11:11 a.m.:


(Aurora, Ind.) – Aurora city officials will meet soon to determine Chief of Police Bryan Fields’ status with the department.


Fields, 42, was arrested on a misdemeanor charge of Domestic Battery on Sunday morning. Dearborn County deputies were called to Fields’ home on Harrison Avenue for a report of a domestic issue. Fields’ wife, Holly Fields, was taken to a local hospital.


City attorney Jeff Stratman said Monday that the Aurora Board of Works will meet as quickly as possible to discuss the matter. He said the Board of Works has the exclusive legal authority to investigate and act upon matters related to officer discipline.


“Due to the sensitive nature of these types of cases that involve potential employee discipline procedures and heightened media attention, the City of Aurora will provide no additional or official public comment on this case until further investigation is conducted, and any further formal action is taken, by the City’s Board of Public Works,” Stratman said in a statement.


Eagle 99.3 has learned that the preliminary misdemeanor Domestic Battery charge that Fields is being held on could be upgraded to a felony as soon as Monday. Formal charges and documents relating to the investigation may not be available until a ball drop occurs to determine which of Dearborn County’s three courts the case will be heard in.


Indiana State Police said that Holly Fields, 42, may also face criminal charges as the investigation continues.


Sunday’s events are not the first events to embroil the Aurora Police Department in questions about its officers’ conduct. In 2010, former Chief of Police Dana Cotton pleaded guilty to felony Conflict of Interest. Two other officers had previously been arrested. One in 2008 for Domestic Battery and another in 2010 for Sexual Battery.




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