Batesville Delays Water Restrictions To Friday

Posted On July 25, 2012

(Batesville, Ind.) – Batesville Water and Gas Utility customers are being told a Lawn Watering Restriction will go into effect on Friday.


The restriction had originally been scheduled to start Tuesday at noon, but has been delayed by city officials. The restriction starting Friday will be in effect until further notice distributed through local media and the Nixle alert system.


Residents of Batesville, Oldenburg and Morris on Batesville city water are affected. Under the restriction, residential properties will only be allowed to water lawns once per week, while commercial properties can water twice per week.


“We must manage our reservoirs and other water resources with the assumption that the current drought conditions could last all summer,” said Sue Siefert, president of the Batesville Utility Service Board.


Unless the restriction reduces usage by 20 to 25 percent, the board may decide that further steps are necessary to maintain an adequate water supply.


Here are details of the Lawn Watering Ban provided by Batesville Water and Gas Utility:



-Lawn sprinkling of residential property is limited to once per week and commercial property to twice per week. It is recommended that sprinkling be done between the hours of 6 p.m. and 8 a.m. to reduce the amount of water lost to evaporation.

-If pumping, as measured at the water utility plant, is not reduced by 20-25 percent through voluntary efforts of residential and commercial users, the board will be forced to ban all residential sprinkling and reduce commercial sprinkling to once per week.



-Vegetable gardens and flowers may be watered by container or hand-held hose equipped with a shut-off nozzle. It is also permissible to water trees and shrubs.

-Utility board members have met with Hillcrest Country Club board members   to ensure water conservation methods are being implemented throughout the club’s golf course, and have approved limited watering to ensure the course remains viable for the tournaments scheduled for the golf season’s remainder.  The water utility staff will continue to work with the club’s staff to secure additional water conservation measures, and re-evaluate its water reduction decision as needed by changing drought conditions.



-Each customer shall be responsible for compliance with the ban, and the customer with service at a certain address shall be liable for violations that occur on such premises.

-Sprinkling meter use will be monitored by the utility’s staff.  Penalties for failure to comply with the lawn watering reduction include a verbal warning followed by an automatic shut-off of water to the residence or business. 



-The mandatory water usage reductions will remain in effect until further notice.  When sufficient rainfall has been received, cancellation of the reduction will be communicated via the local media and Nixle alert system.




Batesville Bans Watering Lawns