Blue-Green Algae Detected In Brookville Lake

Posted On July 10, 2014

By Mike Perleberg

blue-green-algae.jpg(Brookville, Ind.) – Swimmers and boaters are being warned: a dangerous form of algae has been found in Brookville Lake.

The Indiana Department of Natural Resources announced Thursday that Brookville Lake has been placed under a blue-green algae advisory. Biologists will continue to test on monitor the lake water.

The algae blooms can either float or remain suspended beneath the water’s surface, a DNR fact sheet states.

People visiting the lake are advised to not drink the water. If taking a swim, they should shower off after swimming.

According to the DNR, blue-green algae are capable of producing several different toxins that can make a person or animal sick. People may experience rashes, skin or eye irritation, and other uncomfortable effects such as nausea, stomach aches and tingling in fingers and toes may occur.

The specific type of algae is caused by excess or misapplied lawn and agricultural fertilizers, runoff from pastures, feedlots, lawns and golf courses, discharges from non-regulated (residential) sewage treatment systems and many other sources of organic nutrients.

There are many types of blue-green algae, but only about a third of them produce the toxins that could cause sickness.