BMV Lawsuit Nets $6M For Attorneys

Posted On November 22, 2013

By Mike Perleberg


(Indianapolis, Ind.) – An Indianapolis law firm is receiving millions of dollars as part of a lawsuit in which a lawyer uncovered overcharges to thousands of Indiana motorists.


Cohen & Malad law firm attorney Irwin Levin filed a lawsuit in March claiming that the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles overcharged an estimated 4.5 million drivers for their drivers licenses between 2007 and this year.


The BMV admitted to the overcharges and settled the class-action suit for $30 million in July. Cohen and Malad will get $6 million of that money, the Indianapolis Star reports.


The rest of the money is being refunded to affected Indiana motorists. The repayments will be anywhere from $3 to $15.


The BMV also reduced its license fees as a result of the litigation.




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