What Is That Causing My House To Shake?

Posted On January 22, 2014

By Mike Perleberg

(Ripley County, Ind.) – Did you feel your home shake Wednesday afternoon? If so you weren’t alone.

Many residents throughout Ripley County and nearby areas reported feeling or hearing the almost earthquake-like shaking.

“I thought I was crazy till others are saying they felt it,” said Debbie Pettigrew, of Moores Hill.

It wasn’t an earthquake though. Rather, the tremors were man-made.

The Indiana Air National Guard was detonating old, unused explosives at the Jefferson Proving Ground in southwestern Ripley County.

Sgt. Johanna Siebenthal told Eagle 99.3 that the ordnance explosions taking place Wednesday have been completed. Another round of bomb disposal is scheduled for Wednesday, January 29, Seibenthal said.