Cheek Campaign Opens Aurora Headquarters

Posted On June 18, 2012

Tom Cheek (left) and Randy Frye are running against one another for District 67 State Representative.

(Aurora, Ind.) – The Democrat candidate for Indiana House District 67 has opened a new campaign headquarters in his hometown.


On Friday, Tom Cheek formally launched his campaign for office outside the office on Third Street in Aurora. He faces incumbent Republican Rep. Randy Frye of Greensburg.


He unveiled a plan he says will help residents of southeastern Indiana. According to a campaign e-mail:


Mr. Cheek outlined a plan to help the residents of southeastern Indiana, including stabilizing the economy, bringing job security to the region, increasing wages for workers, ensuring quality education for students, stopping teacher layoffs, and getting and rid of government waste.


The conservative Democrat, a veteran of 12 years on the Dearborn County Council, promised to work tirelessly to “increase job security and stabilize the economy in this region.  It’s time for the state to start supporting middle class workers”, said Cheek, who worked as a union pipefitter for more than thirty years.


Cheek reiterated his support for the area’s teachers, saying “Teachers all across the state are getting fired.  Then they mysteriously find five hundred million dollars of public money and they’re still firing teachers.  How does that help your kids?” and said he would “always be there for the students and teachers in our District”.


 The candidate also took a jab at Frye, his opponent on the November general election ballot.


“The people of southeastern Indiana deserve a representative who will stand for their best interests in Indianapolis and not be merely a tool of special interest groups or party politics,” Cheek said.


Cheek, a union pipefitter for over 30 years, served 12 years on Dearborn County Council. He currently owns and operates a pool supply store in Aurora.




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