Conservation District Bills Pass House

Posted On February 28, 2012

(Indianapolis, Ind.) – Two bills affecting conservancy districts in Indiana have passed the House.


Each of the bills would impact the operation of the Lawrenceburg Conservancy District, the agency charged with flood protection for the city along the Ohio River.


The separate Lawrenceburg, Manchester & Sparta (LMS) Conservancy District providing water service for parts of Dearborn County would also be affected.


Senate Bill 22 would allow compensation for conservancy district directors in accordance with their workload and responsibilities. The bill states that the money for the compensation cannot be based upon a tax assessment imposed by the district.


SB 22 also creates a new guideline for creation of new conservancy districts. Petitions filed to establish a district must be signed by at least 50 percent of the property owners in the proposed district.


The legislation passed the House 76-22 on Monday. It was then dissented in the Senate where amendments made in the House could be discussed.


On the same day, Senate Bill 378 also earned House approval on a 96-0 vote, and could be sent to the governor for signature soon.


SB 378 would allow the board of directors of a conservancy district to enter into contracts with local government agencies for purposes of implementing a district plan. Those plans could include construction, maintenance, operation, or security of a district.


The new option expands on current law which permits conservancy districts to only enter into contracts with a person, federal, or state agency.