Conservation Officers Target Drunk Boaters

Posted On June 19, 2012
Brookville Reservoir

Brookville Reservoir

(Undated) – An upcoming law enforcement blitz will target drunk drivers not on the roads, but on Indiana’s waterways.


Indiana Conservation Officers will participate June 22-24 in the Operation Dry Water national campaign to heighten awareness of dangers related to boating while intoxicated.


“We want to see everyone have a great time while boating,” said Lt. Bill Browne of DNR’s Division of Law Enforcement. “Being safe and sober is the first step to ensuring that your boating experience has the fun and relaxing result you are looking for. Thousands of people boat safely in Indiana waters every year without incident.”


When boating accidents do occur, alcohol is often involved, conservation officers say. Alcohol was a contributing factor in 63 of 75 boating accidents recorded in Indiana in 2011, and in 60 of 64 boating accidents in 2010.


Last year, conservation officers arrested 178 individuals in 2011 for boating while intoxicated. One-hundred twenty-nine were arrested in 2010.


Boaters or other lake visitors can report suspected impaired boat operators by calling Indiana Conservation Officer central dispatch at (812) 837-9536 or 911.