Constable Proposes Allowing School Staff To Carry Guns

Posted On February 20, 2014

By Mike Perleberg

gun-and-bullets.jpg(Boone County, Ky.) – Debate is underway on a plan that would put guns in the hands of teachers at Boone County Schools.

Boone County Constable Joe Kalil unveiled the Protecting Our Students and Teachers program Wednesday before more than 300 people at the Boone County Public Library in Burlington. Among those attended were five northern Kentucky sheriffs.

Kalil’s proposed POST program would allow any school employee with proper training to carry a concealed weapon in classrooms. That includes teachers, staff, administration, guidance counselors, school nurses, custodians, even bus drivers. He began working on the idea following the December 2012 massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.

Supporters say POST will provide an active shooter response in seconds, if not deterring would-be shooters from entering a POST school in the first place. Critics, however, argue it may make students less safe with potential access to firearms in classrooms.

Boone County’s school board has not considered the proposal yet. Kalil asked those attending the meeting to contact their school board members to push for the POST program to be implemented. More detail on the program is available at www.postky.org.

Kalil owns Defensive Handgun Training, a concealed carry permit training business in the tri-state. He told WCPO-TV that he has never suggested his business be involved in the POST program.