Court Ruling Puts Pause On Indiana Executions

Posted On June 02, 2017

By Mike Perleberg

(Indianapolis, Ind.) – Prisoner executions in Indiana are being put on hold.

The Indiana Court of Appeals ruled Thursday that the state cannot use the death penalty drugs it currently has because the Indiana Department of Corrections did not follow proper procedure in getting them. The ruling stated that Indiana’s means of carrying out the death penalty through lethal injection “is void and without effect.”

The ruling could spare eleven people on death row in the state. However, no executions are currently scheduled.

Drugs used in executions are becoming increasingly difficult to find. Indiana is one of several states having trouble finding new drugs for lethal injections after Oklahoma prison officials botched an execution back in 2014.

The Indiana Attorney General’s Office said it was disappointed in the appellate court ruling and is considering whether to appeal the decision to the Indiana Supreme Court.