Creation Museum Billboards Cause Controversy

Posted On June 13, 2012

One of the 20 styles of dinosaur-depicting billboards promoting the Creation Museum on display around the country.


(Petersburg, Ky.) – A new national billboard marketing campaign by the Creation Museum in Petersburg is drawing criticism.


The museum has exhibits showing a literal interpretation of the Bible’s Old Testament with man and dinosaur living together.


More than 100 billboards showing a cartoon of a dinosaur appear in Chicago, San Francisco, Houston and elsewhere across the country, the Associated Press reports.


“We hope these brilliant billboards will prompt more Christians to visit so we can equip them to defend the Christian faith. The museum also wants to see more non-Christians attend so that we can present biblical truths to them,” said Ken Hamm, president of Answers in Genesis, the group which operates the Creation Museum.


Some science educators are not so big on the dinosaur billboards. They say the campaign is meant to attract young people interested in dinosaurs to a place that delivers a religious message.


Nine of the billboards appear in the Cincinnati area. One is along Interstate 74 near St. Leon.