Dad Pleads Guilty To Fight With Girls; Issues Statement

Posted On October 16, 2013

By Mike Perleberg


(Lawrenceburg, Ind.) – A Lawrenceburg man who got involved in a fist fight between his teenage daughter and other girls has pleaded guilty.


On Friday, Frank Sonny Lane reached a plea agreement in which he was convicted of a misdemeanor charge of Battery while a misdemeanor charge of Disorderly Conduct was dismissed. He was given one year on probation as his sentence. The judge in Dearborn Superior Court I also ordered Lane to have no contact with the victim.


Lane, 39, was charged last April following a physical confrontation at the George Street Park in Lawrenceburg. According to charging information filed by investigating officers, at one point of the fight, another girl was on top of Lane’s daughter.


That’s when Lane grabbed the girl by the neck and threw her to the ground. The move was apparent in a video of the fight recorded on a cell phone by an onlooker. Lane also shoved other girls who had come to view the fight.


The cell phone video of the fight had at one point been posted on YouTube, but it was removed for violating the website’s terms of service.


Lane’s lawyer, Lawrenceburg attorney Frank Cardis, provided Eagle 99.3 a statement about the incident and guilty plea on Tuesday, with his client’s consent. In retrospect, Cardis said, Lane regrets his decision to accompany his daughter to the fight and the actions he took in defending her.


“As part of Mr. Lane’s guilty plea, he admitted in Court that he grabbed the complaining witness, resulting in physical pain. He disputes the other allegations against him. It is important to know that Mr. Lane’s daughter had been bullied by a group of girls for approximately one year. His family’s attempts to seek help to stop the bullying were unsuccessful.


School officials confirmed to Mr. Lane’s wife that their daughter was surrounded by a group of students in the hallway earlier that day. Mr. Lane’s daughter had been told that she would be ‘jumped’ every day if she did not appear in the park. It is rumored that this group of girls is known to provoke fights, which are captured on video and circulated.”




Police: Dad Got Involved In Teen’s Fist Fight