Daniels Not Interested In VP Gig

Posted On April 23, 2012

Mitch Daniels

(Indianapolis, Ind.) – It appears Indiana’s Governor Mitch Daniels is not interested in being Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s vice presidential running mate.  


Daniels told “Fox News Sunday” if asked to be Romney’s number two, he would demand reconsideration and send Romney a list of people he thinks could suit better.


“There’s a lot of talent in the Republican party. A lot of new governors and young legislators. I think he’s got a wide range of people to pick from. I have full confidence he’ll find the best one,” Daniels said.


Mitch Daniels was among the names being circulated as possible Romney running mates.  


Daniels said he would prefer to remain focused on serving out his term as Indiana governor. 


“I promised the people of my state eight full years. I like living up to that commitment and showing that it was real,” he said.


Former Florida governor Jeb Bush and Florida Senator Marco Rubio are also names being circulated for the GOP presidential ticket.