Daniels Reveals 2012 Legislative Wish list

Posted On December 19, 2011

Statehouse(Indianapolis, Ind.) – Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels is putting a statewide smoking ban on his agenda.


The governor said Friday he wants to see the ban go into effect before Indianapolis hosts the Super Bowl on February 5.


A day earlier, Indiana House Speaker Rep. Brian Bosma (R-Indianapolis) announced a smoking ban could be put on the “fast track” when the 2012 lawmaking session begins January 4. A proposed bill includes an exemption for casinos.


Among the governor’s other priorities: local government reform, right to work and higher education affordability.


“We have all kinds of opportunities to find room for agreement and, I hope, bipartisan progress. I look forward to the next session, as I’ve looked forward to every session,” Daniels told the Downtown Indianapolis Kiwanis Club Friday.


“We are going to make more headway and further distinguish Indiana from other states.  We are going to be able to say we used every opportunity to leave a better state to our kids.”


Daniels’ message on the right to work issue is not resonating with Democrats, however. House Minority Leader Pat Bauer (D-South Bend) said the governor’s agenda does not offer long-term help for Hoosiers beyond the end of his time in office.


“The people of Indiana don’t want ‘right to work for less,’ but they’re going to get it shoved down their throat anyway,” Bauer said.




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