DCH Recognized For Outstanding Performance In Patient Care, Safety

Posted On April 08, 2014

Press release from Dearborn County Hospital

Katherine Wallace provided

Katherine Wallace

(Lawrenceburg, Ind.) – A renewed focus on patient care and safety by the staff of Dearborn County Hospital has led to excellent scores for the hospital in numerous key areas as measured by the federal Partnership for Patients initiative in conjunction with the Indiana Hospital Association (IHA).

Partnership for Patients was established to reduce preventable hospital-acquired conditions and reduce all hospital readmissions.

“Using a team approach, Dearborn County Hospital began a series of patient-centered measures and safety processes to enhance the care and overall well-being of our patients,” explained Angela Scudder, RN, MSN, DCH Vice President of Patient Care Services.  “Through our work with the Partnership, we have implemented new practices to help improve and then maintain a high level of patient care and safety.”

Angela Scudder provided

Angela Scudder

“Dearborn County Hospital has been involved in the Partnership for Patients since its initial roll-out in April of 2012.  During that time they have actively worked to reduce harm and readmissions,” stated Katherine J. Wallace, RHIA, Director of Performance Improvement at the Indiana Hospital Association.

“In December of 2013, IHA recognized Dearborn County Hospital for meeting and/or exceeding goals in reducing blood clots, early elective births, falls, surgical site infections and readmissions.  DCH was also recognized for achievement in preventing ventilator associated pneumonia, central line-associated blood stream infections, and hospital acquired pressure ulcers. IHA is proud of Dearborn County Hospital’s efforts and their commitment to continually improve the care provided to their patients,” she continued.

“We, as with all hospitals, strive to reach the benchmarks set for eliminating complications of treatment and for applying best practices protocols for patient care,” added Nancy Kennedy, M.D., DCH Chief of Staff and Quality Advisor.  “The recent confirmation by the IHA of the high quality of care provided at Dearborn County Hospital is the result of many professionals working together for the patient.  Even though there are still opportunities to get better, these results show the commitment of DCH to be a leader in this area.”


“Our team has achieved outstanding results and met or exceeded state and national goals for patient care and safety,” noted Ms. Scudder.  “In addition, we have been encouraged to share our successful processes with other hospitals in the state.


“At DCH we want the community to know that we are constantly evaluating our quality of care and implementing ways to improve or enhance the patient experience, as well as our overall level of patient and visitor satisfaction,” concluded Ms. Scudder.  “Each day we strive to meet our ultimate goal which is to provide exceptional care in all areas.”