Dearborn Co. Man Found With Bombs Now Faces Federal Charges

Posted On March 04, 2014

By Mike Perleberg

Andrew Scott Boguslawski

Andrew Scott Boguslawski

(Columbus, Oh.) – A Moores Hill man accused of transporting dozens of homemade explosives was in an Ohio courtroom on Monday.

Andrew Scott Boguslawski was stopped January 1 for speeding by an Ohio state trooper on Interstate 70. Police then found guns and bombs in his minivan.

During Monday’s court hearing in Columbus, the 44-year-old was arraigned on a new federal charge of illegal possession of destructive devices, according to the Associated Press. He did not plea either way on the charge, but did acknowledge he had read the new charge. Also, he waived a bond hearing, giving federal prosecutors 30 days to seek an indictment against the former Indiana National Guard member.

With the filing of the new federal charges, local charges in Madison County, Ohio were dropped against Boguslawski.

The complaint from federal investigators with the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives said nine of the explosive devices Boguslawski allegedly had in his vehicle were capable of causing injuries or death when detonated. Some of the devices were equipped with remote detonators. Others were fashioned out of 5 Hour Energy drink bottles with fuses protruding and filled with “flash powder.”

A camera and SD memory cards were also discovered in Boguslawski’s vehicle during the traffic stop. They contained numerous photographs and videos of Boguslawski manufacturing and detonating numerous explosives, according to the complaint. His friends and family – including a 16-year-old niece from Ford City, Pennsylvania – were also shown detonating explosives.

The complaint noted that Boguslawski was not licensed or permitted to engage in business as an explosives or firearms importer, dealer, manufacturer, collector or user.

At the time he was pulled over, Boguslawski claimed that he was on his way home to Indiana from visiting with family in Pennsylvania. He told a trooper he was speeding – 85 MPH in a 70 MPH zone – in order to get home before a snow storm hit.

Defense attorney Mark Babb told reporters that there was no indication that Boguslawski had plans to hurt anybody.

Boguslawski remains in the custody of the U.S. Marshal without bond after waiving his right to a detention hearing during Monday’s federal court appearance.

According to the Associated Press, Boguslawski had previously worked for the Indiana National Guard at Muscatatuk Urban Training Center near Butlerville, Indiana, in Jennings County. He was admitted to the guard’s medical discharge unit last November. An Indiana National Guard spokesperson would not provide more information on Boguslawski’s medical situation.


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