Deer Accepted For Bovine TB Testing In Franklin, Fayette Counties

Posted On November 12, 2017

Press release from Indiana Department of Natural Resources

(Franklin County, Ind.) – The Indiana DNR is conducting bovine tuberculosis (bTB) surveillance in portions of Fayette and Franklin counties during the 2017-2018 deer hunting season. As a resident or hunter of these counties, this letter is to inform you of the progress in bTB surveillance to date and to ask for your further cooperation during the remainder of the hunting season.


2017 bTB Surveillance

DNR will continue to collect samples from deer harvested within the bTB surveillance zone through January 7, 2018 (excluding Thanksgiving and several days around Christmas). The bTB surveillance zone includes portions of southern Fayette County and northwestern Franklin County indicated in the unshaded area in the map below. A written description of the 2017 bTB surveillance zone boundaries can be found on our website at http://www.in.gov/dnr/fishwild/9320.htm.


bTB Surveillance Update as of Nov. 12, 2017

To date, samples have been collected from a total of 135 deer in Franklin and Fayette counties. Of those deer, 107 were harvested in the bTB Surveillance Zone: 45 bucks at least 2 years old, 35 does at least 2 years old, and 27 buck or doe yearlings. There were also 28 deer sampled that were either fawns or were from outside the bTB surveillance zone. When the surveillance values of these deer are adjusted for age and sex, we currently have only 9% of the total number of deer needed to meet our goal.

DNR still needs to sample about 432 bucks at least 2 years old or older to achieve the sampling goal for 2017. If enough samples are not submitted by hunters, additional older age bucks may need to be removed by sharpshooters and tested for bTB after the close of the hunting season.

We need your help! Please bring us your deer for testing!


Opening Weekend Check Stations

A DNR deer check station will be located in the parking lot at the Whitewater Canal State Historic Site maintenance facility at 19083 Clayborn Street, Metamora, IN 47030 Hours of operation will be as follows:

11/11/2017-12/03/2017 900am to 800pm, Closed Thanksgiving Day
12/04/2017-01/07/2018 M-F 900am-1130am and 400pm-800pm
Saturdays and Sundays 900am-800pm
Closed 12/22/2017-12/26/2017

Five additional DNR check stations will be set up during opening weekend of firearms season only, Nov. 18 and 19, 2017, at the following locations:

• Hunter’s Choice Deer Processing, 6164 Highland Center Road, Brookville, IN 47012
• Mustin’s Taxidermy & Processing, 1660 W County Road 350S, Connersville, IN 47331
• 52 Pik-up Convenience Mart, 11183 US 52, Brookville, IN 47012
• Pavey’s Grocery, 27093 US 52, Laurel, IN 47024
• Hampton Inn Batesville overflow parking lot, 1030 SR 229 N, Batesville, IN 47006

Hunters may submit deer for bTB testing at any of these check stations during opening weekend from 9 a.m to 8 p.m.


Drop-off Locations

In addition, hunters may drop off deer heads for bTB testing at the following three area businesses throughout the rest of the season. Please call ahead for business hours:

Hunter’s Choice Deer Processing 6164 Highland Center Road Brookville, Indiana 47012 (513)403-7667

Mustin’s Taxidermy & Processing 1660 W Co. Rd 350S Connersville, Indiana 47331 (765)698-4960

Mounds State Recreation Area Office 14108 State Rd 101
Brookville, Indiana 47012 (765)647-2657

All deer except fawns will be accepted for testing. Approximately 1,100 deer of various sex and age classes are needed to determine the prevalence rate of bTB in the area. There are no requirements to submit heads for testing; submission is strictly voluntary. However, if enough samples are not submitted by hunters, additional older age bucks may need to be removed by sharpshooters and tested for bTB after the close of the hunting season. Our goal is to obtain all samples we need from hunter-harvested animals.


Drawing for Additional Buck

Hunters who submit a deer for bTB sampling will be entered into a drawing for 1 of 10 authorizations to take an additional buck from anywhere in Indiana (with landowner permission) during the 2018-2019 deer hunting season. The number of entries per deer is based on the sex and age of each deer submitted as follows:

– Bucks 2.5 years old and older = 10 entries
– Does 2.5 years old and older = 3 entries
– Bucks or does 1.5 years old = 1 entry
– Fawns = no entries

Additionally, legally possessed road-killed deer may also be submitted for bTB testing at the DNR check station in Metamora. Samples obtained from road-killed deer are valid for entries into the drawing. Individuals must have a valid possession tag from local law enforcement or an Indiana Conservation Officer when submitting the deer or deer head at the check station.


Deer Management Partner Magnets

Any hunter who submits a deer for bTB surveillance will receive a 2017 Deer Management Partner magnet for each deer submitted. Magnets will be distributed at the check stations or by mail.

The success of the 2016 bTB surveillance effort was due to the overwhelming participation and support of hunters. We continue to ask for your cooperation and encourage you to submit your harvested deer for bTB testing to ensure the sampling goal is met. We also ask that you encourage other hunters using your property to submit their deer for bTB testing as well. DNR appreciates your cooperation as every sample is crucial to detecting the level of bTB in white-tailed deer in Fayette and Franklin counties.

Should you have any questions about bTB surveillance or where and how to submit a deer for testing, please contact the bTB Hotline at 844-803-0002 or visit the bTB website at http://www.in.gov/dnr/fishwild/9320.htm.