Dems Boycott Senate Hearing On Right To Work

Posted On January 30, 2012

Indiana Statehouse

(Indianapolis, Ind.) – It’s the Indiana Senate’s turn to consider a right to work bill this week.


The hotly-debated legislation, House Bill 1001, passed the House 54-44 on Wednesday, January 25 despite Democrats efforts to block it.


The bill faces an easier path in the Senate, where Republicans hold a 37-13 supermajority.


Senate Democrats are still protesting the fast tracking of the bill, however. Three Democrat members of the Senate Pensions and Labor Committee boycotted a hearing on the bill Monday morning, although their absence was not enough to prevent a vote.


A vote in the full Senate is likely this week, with the bill being sent to the governor as early as Wednesday.


Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels told reporters Monday if the bill reaches his desk – and it appears it will – he would sign it into law this week.


Reports said pro-union protesters continue to have a large presence in the Statehouse. 




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