Dillsboro Troublemaker Faces More Charges

Posted On February 27, 2014

By Mike Perleberg

Billy Luke Dearborn County Sheriff's Dept.

Billy Luke
Dearborn County Sheriff’s Dept.

(Dillsboro, Ind.) – A man who has gained a reputation for causing trouble in Dillsboro is facing some new, serious allegations.

Billy Luke was been previously convicted in 2012 of exposing himself to employees of Deville’s Drugstore in Dillsboro, which he lives right next door to. He was in court in January for violating protection orders against the victims, as he appeared outside his home just feet away from the drugstore on numerous occasions.

Now, the 28-year-old Luke is charged with 14 new counts including Stalking (Class C felony), Criminal Mischief (Class D felony), Criminal Mischief (Class A misdemeanor), Attempt to Commit Intimidation (Class D felony), Attempt to Commit Invasion of Privacy with a Prior Conviction (Class D felony), and Attempt to Commit Criminal Mischief (Class D felony).

Luke has been in jail at the Dearborn County Law Enforcement Center since his January 10 arrest following that protection order violation. A former jailmate of Luke’s went to police to shared some of his alleged statements made while in jail. Among those statements, Luke said he was going to shoot up the Dillsboro Police Department with automatic firearms, “as though Luke felt as if he had to ‘liberate’ Dillsboro,” according to a court affidavit.

During Luke’s January court appearance, he was asked if he was responsible for marbles being shot through windows at the drugstore and police department, as well as various other acts of mischief in Dillsboro between June and August 2013. Under oath, Luke said he was not involved.

However, Luke allegedly told his fellow jail resident that he had used a paintball gun to fire marbles at the store’s windows.

In an alleged effort to make it appear he was not responsible for those acts, Luke asked the jailmate to carry out a plan which Luke codenamed “Project Liberation.” The plan included the since-released jailmate to shoot out the windows at the pharmacy on Sunday, February 16, then the Dillsboro Police Department the following Sunday.

After learning of the alleged statements, detectives asked the jailmate to carry a voice recorder and use it the next time Luke called him from jail. That next call came February 18 as Luke allegedly asked the jailmate to break a pharmacy window and throw an adult toy inside the store. The act would instill a “fear factor,” police say Luke claimed.

In another call, the jailmate lied to Luke and said he had carried out the plan. Luke allegedly asked a number of questions about the damage – which actually never occurred – and referred to the incident as “icing on the cake.”

Yet another call was placed from jail by Luke and recorded on February 19. Luke asked the jailmate to go to the home of one of the pharmacy employees who had a protection order against Luke. He asked the pseudo-conspirator to use an ice pick to puncture the resident’s vehicle tires. Luke also instructed the jailmate to write a note stating “last warning” and to place it on the property, using a condom filled with old ammunition as a paperweight to hold the note in place.

Luke remains held in jail on the new charges on a $250,000 surety and $1,500 cash bond. A pretrial conference in Dearborn Circuit Court is scheduled for April 28.

He has also been charged with probation violation relating to his 2012 conviction in Dearborn Superior Court I.


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