Drug Program, Probation Ordered For Urn Thief

Posted On May 18, 2012

Alan R. Smith, Jr.

Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office

Update posted at 11:56 a.m.:


The Harrison man who dumped human ashes from urns before cashing them in as scrap has avoided serious jail time.


On Friday morning, a Hamilton County judge ordered Alan Smith to serve four to six weeks in a work release jail program and drug treatment. He will be required to stay at Hamilton County’s River City Correctional Center.


Smith, 26, of Harrison, must also serve five years probation.


In April, Smith pleaded guilty to one count of theft and three counts of desecration and vandalism. He was arrested in March after he swiped 20 urns and other materials from his former employer, Hillside Chapel and Cincinnati Cremation Company.


According to WLWT-TV, Smith’s attorney said his client had become addicted to prescription pain pills before developing a heroin habit.




Original story posted at 6:27 a.m.:


(Cincinnati, Oh.) – Sentencing comes Friday for the Harrison man who stole urns after dumping human ashes from them.


Alan Smith, 26, pleaded guilty in April to one count of theft and three counts of both desecration and vandalism.


Smith worked at the Hillside Chapel and Cincinnati Cremation Company when he took 20 urns to sell as scrap in February. He had been fired about a month prior to the thefts.


He faces anywhere from several years to no prison time when sentenced in Hamilton County Municipal Court at 9:00 a.m.




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