Energizing Indiana Program May Lose Power

Posted On March 12, 2014

By Katlyn Reece

lightbulbs-light-bulb(Indianapolis, Ind.) – The Energizing Indiana program may be canceled due to a bill that passed through the state Senate Monday.

The two-year-old program was designed to help home and business owners in Indiana to reduce energy consumption. It brings energy auditors into homes and businesses in order to teach owners different ways to lower their energy consumption.

“This is an extremely expensive project which may or may not be worthwhile,” the bill’s author, Senator Jim Merritt (R-Indianapolis), told The Indianapolis Star. “We won’t know until we study it.”

Supporters of the new bill agree that the program is too expensive. Merritt said that the program could cost nearly $2 billion by 2019.

According to The Star, those who support the Energizing Indiana program such as Marty Kushler, senior fellow at the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy, point out that the program saved about $80 million in utility system costs in just its first year.

Senate Bill 340 would shut down the program if passed. The Senate voted 37-8 on Monday to end the program. It previously passed through the House of Representatives two weeks ago.

The legislation will continue on to Indiana Governor Mike Pence, who must now consider the Energizing Indiana program’s future.​