Enquirer: Coroner Withholding Autopsy Results From Officer-Involved Shooting

Posted On June 11, 2014

By Mike Perleberg

A still frame from the dash cam video shows Brockman strafing along side Ramsey's moving vehicle. WLWT-TV

A still frame from the dash cam video shows Brockman strafing along side Ramsey’s moving vehicle.

(Boone County, Ky.) – The Boone County Coroner’s Office will not release the results of an autopsy for Samantha Ramsey.

The 19-year-old Ramsey was shot dead by a Boone County Sheriff’s deputy as she tried to leave a field party on River Road in the early morning hours of April 26 April. Deputy Tyler Brockman claims he was trying to stop Ramsey’s vehicle when she accelerated, throwing him onto the hood.

Brockman told other investigators that he feared for his life. However, passengers in Ramsey’s vehicle said it appeared that the deputy had jumped onto the hood.

The Cincinnati Enquirer reported Wednesday that Boone County Coroner Doug Stith won’t release the autopsy results.

The Boone County Sheriff’s Office is still conducting an investigation into the shooting. Stith said doing so now would be harmful to the ongoing investigation.

Kentucky’s public records law allows coroner reports to be withheld from the public until a case is closed, according to The Enquirer.

Deputy Brockman is still on leave pending the investigation.


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