Farmers Mystified As Some Corn Turns Purple

Posted On May 22, 2012
purple corn

Purdue University

(Undated) – The corn is starting to emerge around Indiana, but some farmers have become alarmed about its color. 


Some of the corn has come up purple. 


Pioneer agronomist Justin Welch told agriculture news website HoosierAgToday.com his phone started ringing after a couple of cold nights, and he says cool overnight weather can make some of the 2”-6” genetically-modified corn sprouts turn color. 


“If we get two nights of 40 degree weather, basically it triggers something in the plant that allows the sugars to settle and turnt he plant purple. It really doesn’t affect the height or the growth stage or anything else within the plant other than a funny color,” Welch said.


Welch said the corn will turn back to green once it reaches about one foot tall. 


Close to 100 percent of Indiana’s corn crop has been planted as of Monday. Over 80 percent of soy bean fields have been sown.