Fast Time, Slow Time: Lawmaker Wants Indiana To Take Another Look At Time Zone

Posted On February 21, 2018

By Mike Perleberg

(Indianapolis, Ind.) – A state lawmaker wants all of Indiana to be on the Central Time Zone.

Indiana lawmakers voted in 2005 to put a vast majority of the state into the Eastern Time Zone and required the state to observe Daylight Savings Time. The move remains controversial 13 years later.

State Senator Greg Walker (R-Columbus) wants the 80 counties that are in the Eastern Time Zone to switch. Walker says because of where Indiana is on the map it belongs on Central Time.

His first step is Senate Concurrent Resolution 11. If passed, it would require lawmakers to get a summer study committee together to see if Indiana should make the move.

Currently, only a dozen of Indiana’s counties in northwestern and southwestern corners of the state observe Central Time.