UPDATE: Police Say Mason, Ohio Man Killed In I-275 Wreck

Posted On April 04, 2014

By Mike Perleberg

Vehicles move past the fatal accident scene on I-275 in Boone County. Casey Younger, Eagle 99.3

Vehicles move past the fatal accident scene on I-275 in Boone County.
Casey Younger, Eagle 99.3

Update posted Friday, April 4 at 6:05 a.m.:

The driver of the Hyundai Elantra in Thursday morning’s crash on Interstate 275 near the Carroll Cropper Bridge has been identified as Randal Cristofoli.

Cristofoli, 43, of Mason, Ohio, was pronounced dead at the scene after his vehicle struck a guardrail and ran into the path of a semi truck.

The accident remains under investigation.


Update posted at 3:25 p.m.:

The Boone County Sheriff’s Office has released more information on the crash that claimed the life of a Mason, Ohio man Thursday morning, although the victim’s name is being withheld.

At about 10:45 a.m., a passenger car and tractor trailer collided on I-275 eastbound at the 13.3 mile marker, known to frequent travelers as the hill climbing into Kentucky after the Carroll Cropper Bridge.

Deputies say a 43-year-old driving a Hyundai Elantra was in the left lane and passing by a tractor trailer in the right lane. The driver lost control and the Elantra went right in front of the truck. The car then struck the guardrail and bounced back into the path of the semi which collided with it in a T-bone fashion.

The driver from Mason died at the scene. His name has not been released pending notification of family.

The truck driver, Sebastian Navarro-Tineda, 57, of Lowell, Indiana, was not hurt. Police said Navarro-Tineda was driving the truck for Tri-Union Express out of Griffith, Indiana.

The collision caused the roadway to be shut down until close to 2:00 p.m. while first responders investigated and cleared the scene.


Update posted at 2:21 p.m.:

I-275 has fully reopened following the crash in Boone County near the Ohio River bridge. While some residual backup remains, traffic is moving relatively quickly once again.

The Boone County Sheriff’s Office announced that more information on Thursday morning’s fatal crash on the interstate could be released soon.


Update posted at 12:34 p.m.:

Traffic is being allowed to move again on Interstate 275 eastbound at the Carroll C. Cropper Bridge following a fatal accident on the Kentucky side of the bridge.

Traffic was being allowed to pass the scene using the left lane as of 12:30 p.m.

However, a secondary accident – believed to be a fender bender involving multiple vehicles – has been reported on the bridge in the right lane.


I-275 eastbound is stopped between the Carroll Cropper Bridge and the Lawrenceburg-Greendale exit following a fatal crash that occurred around 11:00 a.m. Thursday. Courtesy OhGo

I-275 eastbound is stopped between the Carroll Cropper Bridge and the Lawrenceburg-Greendale exit following a fatal crash that occurred around 11:00 a.m. Thursday.
Courtesy OhGo

Original story posted at 11:42 a.m.:

(Boone County, Ky.) – A reported fatal crash involving a semi truck has shut down Interstate 275 eastbound at the Carroll C. Cropper Bridge between Indiana and Kentucky.

The crash occurred before 11:00 a.m. between a car and a tractor trailer on the hill just beyond the Kentucky end of the bridge.

Traffic in the eastbound lanes is stopped as the interstate has been shut down while police conduct an investigation into the deadly wreck. The backup is extending past the Greendale-Lawrenceburg exit in Indiana. There is no estimation on when the highway may reopen.

This is the second accident involving a semi in that vicinity Thursday. At about 6:00 a.m., an accident blocked one lane of traffic on I-275 eastbound for about two hours, causing a delay in traffic.



I am Randy Cristofoli's wife and my 13 yr old daughter and myself miss him horribly . He was a truly wonderful man that would do anything for anyone. He was 6'3 270 lbs and was a true teddy bear. He worked hard but family and friends always came first. I do not blame him and I do not blame the truck driver. My heart is broken for him as much as for myself. It was an accident and now myself and my daughter are left to pick up the pieces. I just hope that people start realizing that family members see these posts and sometimes it is a 13 yr old little girl.


@KristiKohlerCristofoli I am very very sorry for your loss, I just get so upset about people starting off with blame, they lose site of the big picture.  I don't think anyone goes out on the roads saying "im gonna cause an accident today"  that is why they are called accidents.  When I read these stories, my first thought is "how horrible" I always wonder about the family and friends and say a prayer.  It breaks my heart because this is all you ever see anymore and it is gut wrenching.  I am deeply sorry for your loss so deeply sorry.  You are both in my prayers!


I know the guy that passed away he was an awesome person. He will be missed greatly.


@uneedreality my point being that you accused the truck driver of the accident, which is sad.  again it doesn't matter at this point who was at fault as a life or lives were lost which is the sad part so why start off saying it was most likely the truckers fault.  I don't want to argue about this, its just sad how people think these days, what happend to compassion?  What happened to not judging or getting the entire story etc...I feel very sorry for all those involved and the family and friends of these people.!!!!


I drive this route daily.  There is a really bad hydroplane spot at the end of the bridge where this wreck occurred.  The water runs off the hill and across the left lane.  I wouldn't think the 18-wheeler would be in left lane.  I would think the possiblities of a car hitting that water and the hydroplaning would be the most likely situation.  Then the car lost control and was hit by or either hit the 18 wheeler. I guess we will know for certain when more information from the wreck is released.


btw know your geographics and learn a little more about trucking before you speak (route 1 smartie)  if the trucks were going to route 1 they wouldn't be passed the greendale exit heading over the ky bridge! and where do you think you get all of the things you buy from all of these "stores" they come by truck!! and just a word of advice, those that can not drive in inclement weather conditions should not leave the house, truckers do this for a living, they are quite skilled being 11 hours on the road!  and no i am not a trucker, i am a nurse that appreciates all careers and walks of life ;)


Let me say that my friend could drive in inclement weather. It was just an accident, that's all it was and my husband it's a truck driver. Let's hope you should never have to personally experience such a tragedy.


seriously, where is the respect.  no matter who is at fault this is still a horrible accident and innocent lives taken.  it doesn't matter what you drive anymore, the roads are horrible everywhere for every vehicle large or small!


@uneedreality most likely not the truckers fault. People cut them off all the time or don't pay near enough attention like texting/talking ect... try stopping 100,000 pounds on a dime...yea that's what I thought.. think before speaking next time..